Who are we?

Craftsmen and women with a shared mission. Authenticity, boldness, passion and focus are our trademarks.

What makes us stand out?

Values guide everything we do. We built all our training and coaching work on simplicity, teamwork, connection, craftsmanship and partnership. Moreover, we make a difference with the approach below.

Embedding and blended learning

We constantly align with HR, L&D, management... and build the training and coaching tracks together. Group sessions on-site alternate with online sessions, digital learning platforms, intermittent e-mails, individual coaching and apps.

One training - One model

Each training starts from 1 model. A model that stands out in its simplicity and applicability. A model that sticks, lives on in the workplace and invites you to take a critical look at yourself and your impact.

Focus on experience-based learning, interaction and practice

We always start with action and build the model interactively and experientially. From self-awareness, we practice skills. Individual reflection, subgroups, discussions, simulation games... alternate energetically. We end with a personal action plan.

'Learning from each other' and 'safety' as a central tool

We are experts in guiding groups and individuals towards safety and openness. We ensure that people make themselves vulnerable. Through questioning, we build on what participants can, do and know.

Attend a sustainable training course at a sustainable location

In 2010, we took on the challenge of helping to sustainably convert the 300-year-old Kasteelhoeve Wange into a seminar and accommodation centre.

With Van Kelst & Co, we are very closely involved in Kasteelhoeve Wange, not only because our offices are located there and because our open training courses take place there, but especially because it embodies our values. The Kasteelhoeve – like Van Kelst & Co – stands for partnership, connection and simplicity.

Van Kelst over duurzame opleiding locatie

Corporate social responsibility

We share our profits annually with projects that create social and environmental added value.

One part goes to OnderOns VZW, a recognized poverty association in Sint-Truiden that focuses on the realization of 6 criteria: uniting the poor, giving the floor to the poor, working on social emancipation, working on social structures, organizing dialogue and training and continuing to look for the poor.

A second part we donate to WeForest. Every year, we drive tens of thousands of kilometres to our customers. We offset the total CO2 emissions of all the kilometres driven times 2 with WeForest. They plant trees to offset CO2 emissions.